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At Gledhill Hydro Graphics we repair wheels in all conditions from corroded, kerbed, damaged and even bent or cracked wheels. we can get your wheels looking like new again even if that means your looking for an original factory finish or a bespoke look. what ever your prefrence we got you covered. 

At Gledhill Hydrographics we offer a full alloy wheel refurbishment service which includes removal of tyres, wheels that are stripped back to bare metal, the kerbing/damage is repaired before being powder coated in a colour of your own choosing, all before we put the tyres back on and balance the wheels.

We keep a large variety of OEM Products and Powders for those looking for a “Original Factory Finish”.

Leave your wheels looking brand new again with our quality alloy refurbishment service.

Wheel Refurbishment GledHill Hydrographics UK
Diamond Cut GledHill Hydrographics UK

Diamond Cut

Diamond cut involves removing the surface layer of alloy from the wheel using specialist lathing equipment revealing the natural aluminium shine.

Once the diamond turned face has all its kerb, corrosion and imperfections removed from the face of the wheel its protected with a coat of powder lacquer to ensure the finish lasts and your wheels stay looking new.

Powder Coating

We offer our high quality powder coating service for a number of components on cars and motorbikes.

Powder coating offers better performance than regular wet paint and is more resistant to scratching and other wear and tear.

Some examples of what we can work on: Wheels, Oil Pans, Roll Bars, Roll Cages,
Chassis, Frames, gates, railing, shutters etc.

Why not call us today to see what we can offer you!

Powder Coating GledHill Hydrographics UK
Hydro graphics GledHill Hydrographics UK


Hydro Graphics is a new and innovative method of customisation which involves the transfer of graphics on to almost any surface and offers a durable, long lasting finish, on any material.

This service can be used to customise: Car Parts, Motorbike Panels, Helmets, Hunting Equipment, Water Bottles, Skateboards, Golf Clubs and other Sports Equipment, Games Console Shells, Controllers, Remotes and much more. Get in touch now for more details!

Caliper Painting

Rusty and tired looking brake calipers can let even the nicest car down. Calipers will show the car’s age much more quicker than any other part of the car.

Our brake caliper painting service has been perfected over many years. Through quality, durability and plenty of colour options,

Choose from our standard range of caliper colours or opt for something a bit more special from our
metallic range, and customise your caliper with a decal to suit your needs.

Caliper Painting GledHill Hydrographics UK
Tyre Replacement GledHill Hydrographics UK

Tyre Replacement

Are your tyres worn, damaged or cracked?

At Gledhill hydro graphics, We offer quality budget, mid-range or premium branded tyres such as Pirelli, Dunlop, Bridgestone, Continental, Michelin and much more. we’ve got a selection of tyres to fit passenger cars, vans, 4x4s, caravans, hatchbacks and more. Whatever vehicle you drive, we’ve got a tyre to fit.

Wheel Straightening

Alloy wheel straightening is a process that can repair damage to your alloy wheels, returning them to their original shape.this damage is often caused by potholes kerbs or other objects that can cause the wheel to bend out of shape. While some may think this damage is not worth repairing. Alloy wheel straightening can save money in the long run.

If left unrepaired, damaged alloy wheels can cause uneven tyre wear, shake in the steering wheel ultimately replacing your tyres sooner than you would if you had straight wheels. In addition, straightening your alloy wheels can also improve the cars appearance, making it look new again.

At Gledhill Hydro Graphics we use the latest technology and equipment for your wheel straightening, ensuring they are returned to their original condition.

Wheel Straightening GledHill Hydrographics UK
Wheel Welding GledHill Hydrographics UK

Wheel Welding

Here at Gledhill Hydro Graphics, we provide a proffesional alloy wheel welding service that carle repair cracked damaged pr broken alloy wheels.
We have a team of skilled and experienced welders who can perform the repairs to the highest standards using the latest welding equipment.

Alloy wheel easing is a specialised process that requires precision and attention to detail to produce a strong and durable weld.


Are Your Alloy Wheels Needing a Makeover?

We Specialise In Wheel Refurbishment, Diamond Cut, Powder Coating, Hydrographics, Caliper Painting, Tyre Replacement, Wheel Straightening, and Wheel Welding. 

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